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The Open Joint-stock company "The Airport Arkhangelsk" was founded on February, 5, 1963.It is situated about six kilometers to the north-east of Arkhangelsk and is 18 meters higher than the city. Its take-off strip is 2,5 km in length and 44 m in width. This fact allows to accept such types of airplanes as AN 24/26.12/124 (Ruslan),Yak 40/42, IL 18,76, TU 134, 154, MD 11, 87, DS 1030, it means practically all types of airplanes, which max. weight is not more than 230 tons.

The airport airfield "Talagi" (that's the name of the airport Arkhangelsk on flightmaps) is capable to accept helicopters of all types. Nowadays the airport Arkhangelsk is connected by a direct air communication to the cities of Moscow, St.-Petersburg, Sochi, Anapa, N-Mar, Apatity, and many other settlements of Russia. The airport Arkhangelsk serves regular and charter flights in near and far abroad, for example Byelorussia (Gomel), Sweden (Lulea), Finland (Rovaniemi), Norway(Tromse, Bergen, Christiandsund), Turkey (Antalya).

Now a bit of statistics. Below, in the table one can see the data of airport loadings on transportation of passengers, cargoes and mail.

The name of parameter The year 2000 The year 2001 The max. value of a parametere
Passengers 95157 pers. 105797 pers. 952457 pers. in 1990.
Cargoes of 669,8 tons of 921 tons of 16501 tons in 1982.
Mail of 122,4 tons of 144,3 tons of 3926 tons in 1981.

Thus, it is evident, that at present the airport loading is growing, and we hope, that in the nearest future it will reach those maximal values which are shown in the table. In many respects it will be achieved by developing services, for example: selling and booking of airtransportations in all directions; storage and processing, a transfer and registration of the goods and cargoes, including under the customs control; advertising activity; hotel services; parking place; rent of areas; trade, including building materials; public catering. A very interesting and serious project on creation of information navigating video of the system including all enterprises of city and area is being developed.

"The Airport Arkhangelsk" is known to have a special agency in the structure with high-skilled staff which is engaged in this business for several years and it carries out directly sale and booking of airtransportations, and also registration and delivery of air tickets, both to the client's address, and to the rack of registration in air terminal.

For maintenance of service on storage, processing, a transfer, registration of the goods (cargoes) and vehicles the airport has the corresponding license, allowing to carry out the mentioned kind of activity under the customs control over a warehouse of time storage, and also there are devices controlling radioactive and sharing materials. Besides the open joint-stock company "The Airport Arkhangelsk" carries out delivery of the goods (cargoes) and vehicles under the customs control over a warehouse of time storage, customs houses of Russia under the Contract of the guarantee with registration of transit and documents of the control of delivery, and also our enterprise assists in transportations by air transport of the customs goods (cargoes) by customs carriers in such countries, as: the USA, Canada, and also in any European country, the Scandinavian countries and the CIS. In spite of developing service by the basic kind of activity of open joint-stock company "The Airport Arkhangelsk" is a ground service of air courts and service on maintenance with refueling with an aviation fuel.

Address: 163053, Arkhangelsk, the aiport of Talagi, building 8
General manager Vasiliev Yuri
Tel.(8182) 64-09-12 fax 64-09-13
E-mail:[email protected]

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