The 2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division

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The 2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division
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Federal State Unitary Enterprise "The 2nd Arkhangelsk United Aviation Division" is the oldest air company in the North of Russia.

Its history goes back to 1935 when it offered services for the first time and since that it is still the main cargo- carrier in the

Up-to-date airline fleet gives good opportunities for transportation of passengers and cargo to regions difficult of access, where aviation is the only transport facilities.

2nd Arkhangelskk UAD is using the following aircraft: Mi-8, An-2, L-410 UVP E and unique Mi-26 helicopter carrying cargo up to 20 tons. All aircrafts are well-equipped with modern hardware allowing successful fulfillment of complex tasks of transportation of non-standard cargo and fire-fighting. The usage range of these aircraft is very large: they carry passengers, cargoes, mail (it is the main field of transportation for FSUE 2nd Arkhangelsk UAD), deliver goods to regions difficult of access, take off on urgent tasks and for emergency rescue works. Crews assist to geologists, fishermen, hunters, provide necessary operations on space-vehicle launching site Plesetsk.

High skilled flight and engineering staff of the enterprise has licenses for performing of all kinds of operations by planes and
helicopters both in Russia and abroad and has much experience of work in different climate areas. According to the Contracts different jobs with regard to rendering humanitarian aid and to Peace-keeping program are being successfully carried out in Djibouti, Afghanistan,Sierra-Leone, Kambodja, Mali, Liberia, Yugoslavia, Somali, Angola, Zaire (Red Cross and United Nations).

The aircraft maintenance depot has been certificated for complex works to be implemented with regard to maintenance and
overhaul of the aeronautical engineering facilities.

The Enterprise" 2nd Akhangelsk UAD" is a reliable partner both for state and private companies doing its best to carry out the obligations taken over.

163036 Arkhangelsk, Vaskovo

General Director:
Yury Egorovich Davidov
ph.: (8182) 45 01 65, 45 15 84
fax: (8182) 45 17 94
E-mail: [email protected]


Ассоциация транспортников Архангельской области